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Computer Performance Tune-Up

Over time, Windows-based computers tend to get clogged up with extra files and programs that can slow down your system's performance and cause your computer to behave strangely or even stop working altogether.

As you add software to your PC, the number of programs that automatically start with Windows increases. You probably don't need all these programs running all the time; they just eat up memory and increase the chances of a software conflict.

If you have noticed your computer taking longer to start up or shutdown, or if your internet speed doesn't seem to ever meet the promises of your Internet Service Provider, a system tune-up may be required.

Our Computer Performance Tune-Up Service will check your system for spyware and viruses, clean out the junk files and programs that have accumulated, install any missing Windows updates and security patches, and optimize your internet connection for maximum performance.

We will also make recommendations to further increase your computer's speed and stability, such as adding more memory or hard disk capacity.

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Computer Performance Tune-Up

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