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Computer Upgrades

Is your hard drive full? Is your computer running slow? Would you like to improve the performance of your computer? There is no reason to purchase a new computer every year when it seems outdated or obsolete. Tappan Zee PC is dedicated to prolonging the life of your existing computer by upgrading the operating system, installing additional memory, sound and video cards, setting up a wireless network, or increasing your hard disk capacity.

A computer upgrade is a cost effective alternative to a new machine, allowing you to make the most from your original investment. We can evaluate your existing computer's capacity to be upgraded and quote you on the cost before any work begins so you can decide whether to upgrade or put your money towards a new computer.

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Hard Drives - Increase the amount of software, images, music, video and other documents you can store on your computer. New hard drives can be installed internally or as external add-ons. Wireless Networking - Use your computer where you want to, rather than being tied to one location in your home. Provides the added benefit of printer and file sharing between your computers.
Solid State Drives (SSD) - Replace your hard drive with an SSD drive. Reduce computer boot time and greatly increase processing speed. Video Cards - Responsible for everything you see on your computer screen. A quality video card is a must to run the newest 3D games and high-definition movies.
FIOS or Cable Modem - Replace your current internet connection with a faster and more reliable FIOS or Cable modem. Memory - Increase performance and remove system bottlenecks, have more applications open at once and run the very latest software.
Operating System Upgrade - Replace your aging operating system with Windows 7 or Windows 10 to take advantage of the latest features and improved security.

Network Storage - By attaching a network storage device to your network router, you can access all of your files and documents from any computer.
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