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Virus Detection, Virus Removal

A virus is a program that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Many are capable of transmitting themselves across networks and bypassing security systems. Even a simple virus is dangerous because it can quickly use all available memory, delete important system files, and bring your computer to a halt. Downloading programs or pictures from unknown sources, opening email attachments, or simply surfing to malicious websites are the most common ways to become infected with a computer virus.

The strongest defense against computer viruses is to install a firewall program and anti-virus software. New viruses are created every day, and it is crucial that your virus protection be updated regularly.

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Computer Virus Symptoms

  • Sudden Computer Slowdown
  • Unexplained Deletion of Files
  • Pop-Up Windows or Unexpected Error Messages
  • Computer Refuses To Start
  • Frequent Computer Crashes
  • Programs Stop Working

Anti-Virus Services We Offer

  • Renew/Replace Expired Anti-Virus
  • Install New Virus Scanners
  • Scan Computer For Viruses
  • Remove All Detected Viruses
  • Verify Internet Firewall Settings
  • Apply Windows System Updates
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