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Spyware and Adware Removal

Spyware and Adware gather information about a person without their knowledge, relaying it to advertisers or other parties. Spyware can get in a computer as a software virus or as the result of installing a new program.

Some spyware is a harmless nuisance, tracking a person as they surf the internet. Often times, the user is bombarded with many pop-up windows containing advertisments. Other spyware is potentially more harmful, capturing a user's keystrokes (passwords, etc.) and transmitting them to the spyware author. Viruses and spyware can, in the worst case, lead to identity theft.

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Symptoms of Computer Spyware

  • Advertisements & Pop-up Windows Appear
  • Slow Computer and/or Internet Connection
  • Changed Home Page or Search Engine
  • Frequent Computer Crashes


Spyware Detection and Removal Services

  • Install Spyware & Adware Scanners
  • Install/Configure Internet Firewall
  • Setup Automatic Scanner Updates
  • Detect and Remove All Spyware
  • Anti-Spyware and Firewall Training
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